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+ WHO IS Omega 3™ FOR?

An intake of omega 3 is necessary at all ages of life, whether it is during childhood, old age or during pregnancy. Scientific studies have revealed the importance of these polyunsaturated fatty acids in many functions of the body. An intake of Omega 3 is beneficial to health. They act in prevention and contribute to reduce the risks of diseases (heart attack, cholesterol, heart, arteries...).

+ WHY USE Omega 3™?

The consumption of omega 3 is particularly recommended for their properties on the cardiac function, the cognitive functions, the articulations, on the vision and for the general functioning of the body.

+ HOW TO USE Omega 3™?

Using Omega 3™ is simple. It is used once a day: take 2 capsules with a glass of water during a meal.


Each bottle of Omega 3™ contains 90 capsules, which equals 45 servings per container. This means that each bottle of Omega 3™ will last 45 days if taken daily. 1 bottle = 1 45-day course of treatment.


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Customer Reviews

Sylvie S.

24 Jan 2023

I started taking this omega 3 based dietary supplement a few weeks ago and I already notice an improvement in my skin. It is more moisturized and looks more radiant. I am very satisfied with this product and I recommend it.

Carlos K.

January 21, 2023

I purchased this dietary supplement to improve my cardiovascular health, as I have a family history of heart disease. I have not noticed any significant change in my health, but I feel good taking this product and hope it can help reduce my risk in the long run.

Marc S.

13 Dec 2022

I have noticed a subtle but positive difference in my mental clarity and short term memory. I am pleased with this product and will continue to use it to see if there are any other long term benefits.

Matthieu S.

8 Nov 2022

Sanalyslab Omega 3 is easy to take and does not cause reflux or other unwanted side effects. I noticed an improvement in my triglyceride levels after taking this product for a month, so I am convinced that it is beneficial to my health.

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