About us?


SanalysLab is sustainable because what has made its strength over the years is the effectiveness of its products.

We develop and market our products on a scientific basis, always with the same objective, which motivates our entire team: to improve people's health by treating them as individuals.

This holistic approach is inspired by the method used by Dr. Rosmy Barrios on his patients, we have developed together many effective products.

The heart of SanalysLab, is and will always be YOU, for this reason we have set up an outstanding customer service, because we care about every step of the process, from the enquiry to the delivery of the product.
Because you trust us, we have to be totally transparent with you. We have built our reputation on quality and transparency, and we make it a point of honour to provide you with complete transparency on the ingredients that go into our products.
We are close to nature, we choose employees who share our ethical values and we always try to source our ingredients from sources that share our beliefs about protecting the environment.
And to ensure that SanalysLab always offers and will offer the best, we require each of our products to meet the following criteria:

- Ingredients supported by clinical studies

- Quality tested

- Effective

An expert in her field

Rosmy Barrios

Rosmy Barrios is a renowned expert in the field of health and well-being. A graduate of Del Norte University, she acquired a specialization in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine at John F. Kennedy University. With a rewarding international career, she has contributed on three continents and is fluent in several languages.

As a member of prestigious societies such as the Pan-American Society of Aesthetic Medicine (PASAM) and the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME), Dr. Barrios uses her vast knowledge to advise cosmetics companies in the creation of high-quality products. His expertise extends to the elaboration of nutritional strategies and the development of wellness programs, reflecting his commitment to overall health and a balanced lifestyle.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand the importance of finding products that meet your needs, which is why we offer a 90-day peace-of-mind guarantee. Not completely satisfied with your purchase? No problem!

Simply return the bottles you've used and we'll refund your money, hassle-free. No questions asked - we offer a simple, honest service. Your satisfaction is our primary mission, and your trust is the driving force behind our commitment.

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From 100% natural ingredients.

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Our products complement a healthy lifestyle but are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. They do not replace a balanced diet or medical treatment. For medical advice, always consult a healthcare professional. The effectiveness of supplements varies from one individual to another.